Cloud-Based Workspace

Freedom to take your desktop anywhere

Cloud Desktop for Business gives you the power to access your desktop anywhere. Take advantage of all the programs, applications, data and processes your business depends on, without being locked to one single computer. You’ll have the freedom to access it all, whether it’s from your usual office desktop, your laptop on the go, a smartphone or even the computer in your vacation condo.

With Cloud-Based Workspace for Business from VIIA, you’ll enjoy everything you love about your desktop, complete with all its applications, available from any Web-enabled device. Now you can stay on top of your business anywhere, anytime.

Cloud-Based Workspace for Business services from VIIA give you the power to:

  • Work anywhere - access your computer desktop from home, the office or on the go

  • Access your desktop in your pocket - with Internet access, you can literally access all you love about your desktop via your smartphone. Just reach into your pocket

Get more for less - virtualization saves money on software licensing because now you no longer need to install all your apps on every computer

  • Simplify IT management and maintenance - we provide all the desktop and remote support services required to take care of your business

  • Optimize your technology - desktop virtualization enhances your IT’s performance, availability and security