HealthCare CloudServices

Maximizing collaboration, accessibility and efficiency

VIIA Cloud Services provide your medical practice with competent, convenient collaboration tools that are tailored to your unique business needs. Our Cloud Services enhance workflow, ease communication processes, allows for accessibility anywhere at anytime and more importantly, allow your hard working staff to increase productivity and reach your business goals.

Our experts can boast years of industry experience making them more than capable of handling everything related to cloud computing, from implementation and management to maintenance and proactive monitoring.
The Benefits of Cloud Services from VIIA include:
  • Increased productivity via a platform that effectively eases collaboration

  • Flexibility of work practices with the ability to access data off-site

  • Collaboration efficiency through easy file sharing

  • Business continuity through automatic data backup and cloud storage

  • Scalability of your operations and storage as your business grows

  • Reduced IT costs through a platform that do away with purchasing expensive systems and expert outside expertise.


Most businesses are heading to the cloud to stay competent while eliminating the unnecessary nuisances that hinder their daily business operations. Isn’t it time you do the same and make sure you stay ahead of the competition?