CyberSecurity Services

Safeguard your data with multiple security layers

IT Security isn’t usually an issue, until it’s breached, at which point it’s too late. The external threats are real for any business, malicious attacks from hackers, malware and viruses, then there are the accidental threats of lost laptops or flash drives holding sensitive or confidential information.


We can identify the weak spots in your infrastructure and deliver a robust security strategy to ensure your business is protected.

VIIA adaptive security intelligence blocks threats from entering your system to protect your sensitive information.

Benefits for our network security services include:

  • Web Filtering & Firewall - Monitoring the network for suspicious behavior to prevent intrusions

  • Antivirus - Viruses, trojans are stopped in their tracks if inadvertently accessed or downloaded by employees

  • Smart Content Filtering - Detect and blocks improper content without keeping your staff from the sites they need

  • Wireless Network Security - Preventing access to the network from external sources


Equip your business with the protection it needs to keep you safe no matter where you are.