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| Our Founder and CXO |

                       Rolando Ramos

Rolando Ramos, the Founder and CXO of VIIEGO Consulting Group, has an extensive background in the service industry, starting his career as a customer service agent. With a passion for building relationships and delivering world-class customer experiences, Rolando quickly climbed the ranks to become a customer escalation and retention representative, achieving numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding work. His journey led him to the service trade industry, where he worked alongside his father starting as a sales representative cold calling for prospects. He achieved the highest number of scheduled maintenance tune-ups sold, earning him the nickname "gift of gab." He has held various roles in the industry from dispatching to sales team manager and IT Manager. He then went on to support the entire IT infrastructure for the workforce. He understands the importance of delivering a world-class customer experience and leveraging innovative technology to empower your team at every part of the job cycle.

Rolando firmly believes in the power of teamwork and collaboration. His compassion, trust, and commitment to building meaningful relationships have been instrumental in his success.

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