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Executive Consultant

| Technology Advisor - IT Consultant

                        Rolan Ramos

"Purpose begins at birth,
passion evolves with US"

Before starting VIIEGO Consulting Group Rolan, held many positions in the HVAC service industry. Warehouse Associate, Indoor Sales Representative, Dispatch, Sales Coordinator and Chief Technology Officer.   

Technology and driven by passion and a family legacy. His father is a distinguished comfort advisor and his son a service manager-lead installer.


During his time in the industry Rolan was the CTO for a local HVAC company and discovered the same issues existed. There were many outdated systems, inefficient or incorrect technologies in use and limited communication capabilities used by employees and field technicians that cost time, money, and employees.   

Rolan attended an AHR Expo in Atlanta Georgia and met with the most influential and innovative industry leaders, manufacturers, and technology vendors in the HVAC service industry. Inspired by his passion for Technology and HVAC industry. His vision and mission became clear and that was to bridge the gap between technology, business sustainability, and the future of business in the HVAC industry.

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