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Our Motto

The future Is defined by the steps we take, courage and ambition lead the way.

Our Mission

Become the most value-centric company on earth to redefine HVAC creating limitless possibilities for generations to come.

Our Core Process

vProcess - People + Technology

Our framework for driving strategic decisions, continuous innovation and our greatest achievements for our clients, partners and the customers they serve.

Our Vision

A world where innovation and technology create predictable and sustainable outcomes where contractors can do their life's work, building a legacy that last.

Our Story

"We don't measure growth by profit, we create the most value for our clients and the customers they serve. - Rolando Ramos" 

We understand and know the frustration of trying to keep up with new and emerging technology, outdated systems, and inefficient processes. Our Founder, Rolando Ramos has first-hand experience, who started around 19 years old from the warehouse floor to inside sales, scheduling and dispatch, to a CTO for HVAC companies that had multiple locations with up to 10 to 200 employees, 100 vehicles in fleet and $2 million to $50 million in growing revenue.

Rolando is a proud father, his son is a service manager and lead technician, his father is a senior comfort specialist and advisor, a veteran in the HVAC industry. He has worked alongside his father since he was around 19 years old. VIIEGO is built from generational family values and core principles that lead and guide us forward in everything we do.

VIIEGO is a GenTech Company in HVAC, with over 35+ years combined, we are a dedicated team of solution advisors, engineers and technology experts bound by a shared passion to serve in the HVAC industry, building partnerships for life. - We empower our clients to focus on what they do best for future generations to come.

We believe in the power of integrity and teamwork. We help you solve your biggest challenges, bringing new and better capabilities to business faster. 

Our Core Principles

VIIEGO is driven by passion, purpose, and mission, we're all in this together. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for living VIIEGO's Core Principles every single day. Our Core Principle aren't just words on a wall; they define who we are, how we operate, how leaders create value, and most importantly, how we keep the client at the absolute core of everything we do.

The Client Comes First

We exist for our clients and strive not just to deliver, but to exceed clients' expectations, earning their trust with every interaction. 

Thinking Beyond the Box 

We boldly innovate, refusing to be limited by status quo, our clients deserve the best. We envision and deliver bold solutions tailored to our clients' ambitions. We bring new possibilities for our clients that create the greatest value. 

We Listen, Learn and Create

We gather perspectives and industry insights to ensure every decision puts our client's interests first. We are lifelong learners, driven by a passion to understand our clients better, drawing inspiration from everywhere to create exceptional client experiences.

Exceptional Talent

To serve our clients exceptionally, we have an exceptional team. We raise the bar with each addition, recognizing and finding talent that understands and lives our client-centric mission.

Beyond the Status Quo

We never allow "good enough" when it comes to our clients. We identify and address issues at their root, ensuring clients experience is nothing short of the absolute best.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

In a fast-moving digital world, we embrace calculated risk-taking, making swift, well-informed decisions that keep our clients at the forefront.

Creating Value at Scale

We maximize client value by doing more with less. We are resourceful and inventive, finding efficient ways to deliver the best outcomes at speed and scale.

Integrity Our Moral Compass

We respect trust by listening, being transparent, and admitting when we are wrong to using client feedback to ensure no concern goes unnoticed, holding ourselves to the highest standards.

Together, We Achieve More.

We respectfully challenge ideas that won't serve our clients, even if it's difficult. Once a decision is made with client benefit in mind, we unite and commit fully.

Your Growth Inspires Ours

We never lose sight of the ultimate goal: client success. We focus relentlessly on the factors that drive our clients' businesses, rising to any challenge to deliver promised outcomes.

Unlocking Better Capabilities  

Our team is part of something bigger, doing their life's work to invent and create the best solutions and capabilities for our clients.

Your Life's Work. Our Purpose

Our decisions shape the world. We hold ourselves accountable to be a force for positive change, both for our client and for future generations to come.

Empowerment Core Values


We prioritize our client needs to deliver exceptional experiences.

Accountability Core Values


We own our actions and hold 

ourselves to set the standard.

Our Core Values

TeamWork Core Values


We believe that what we do together matters. 

Mission Core Values


We're passionate to create a lasting impact for future generations to come.

Integrity Core Values


We lead with integrity by doing the right thing, no matter what.

Leadership Core Values


We think beyond a box to unlock new possibilities, growth and new capabilities for our clients.

Our Community, Our Cause

Ready to find out more?

Let's work together to find the right solutions that optimize your technology investments with a predictable and sustainable outcome.

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